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Health Promotion Strategist


The Health Promotion Strategist is responsible for leading the strategic development and evaluation of a broad framework of student wellbeing programs, projects and initiatives that foster student learning, success and strong student communities through the activation of the Okanagan Charter for Health Promoting Universities and Colleges. The incumbent will provide leadership to university-wide wellness programs, one or more wellness peer leadership programs, Faculty partnerships, collaborative research initiatives, and campus-wide health education and health promotion initiatives. The Strategist is responsible for the full cycle of program development including the theoretical and strategic planning, program design, implementation, and assessment to support student success and wellbeing.


Reporting to the Director of Student Wellbeing Promotion, the Health Promotion Strategist leads a team of professional staff, graduate and undergraduate staff, interns and volunteers. The Health Promotion Strategist will work collaboratively with others across the VP Students portfolio, with key partners in the VP HR portfolio, and with a broad range of academic and administrative leaders, faculty and staff members, and student leaders.


  • Works in close partnership with the Director to develop a comprehensive strategy for successful University wellness education and health promotion programs to enrich student learning and campus life. Considers the full range of student experiences, including domestic and international, graduate and undergraduate, Aboriginal, resident and commuter, and discipline-specific needs.
  • Works with the Director in the development and assessment of the strategic goals of the unit.
  • Provides leadership to achieve the goals and vision of wellness spaces and services which requires working on cross-functional teams, with staff in other health promotion and health services units, to provide low-barrier access to student mental health services within the context of the collaborative stepped care model and to provide dynamic spaces for collaboration that enhance campus wellbeing for all.
  • Consults with Administrative Heads of Units and other administrators in assessing student health promotion and health education needs of their particular units, using the Okanagan Charter as a roadmap. With the Director and other senior staff in Student Development and Services, designs appropriate interventions tailored to the assessment.
  • Develops, coordinates, facilitates and evaluates educational programs, presentations, lectures and workshops to students, student leaders, Teaching Assistants, professionals staff and faculty members on all matters pertaining to student wellbeing using evidence-based information and which enhance the experiences of diverse populations in the University community.
  • Responsible for research, development, implementation, program evaluation and management of innovative campus-wide health promotion and/or health education strategies, programs and initiatives to promote student wellbeing and success.
  • Liaises with, advises, enhances the capacity of, and builds partnerships with student leaders, groups and clubs focused on health education and health promotion. This includes the systematic and sustainable creation of opportunities, building coalitions and connections and removing systemic barriers for students to actualize ideas and leverage required support and resources (materials, funding and/or assets) from the UBC community.
  • Provides strategic leadership for undergraduate and/or graduate wellness peer programs that enhance the campus capacity for health education and health promotion.
  • Coordinates and prepares grant applications and funding proposals in support of the strategic initiatives of Student Wellbeing Promotion. Ensures successful proposals and grants are implemented and evaluated as per proposal/grant agreements.
  • Works collaboratively with colleagues to support research, planning and implementation of student health education and health promotion initiatives, including, but not limited to psychoeducational supports as part of the collaborative stepped care model for student mental health (e.g., self-help technologies,
    peer wellness coaching, group programs, etc).
  • Cultivates, builds and maintains relationships with key stakeholders including University departments on the Vancouver and Okanagan campuses; Faculties; community professionals and community groups (local, provincial, national and international health promotion community); student groups and clubs; and
    other student services. The focus is to work collaboratively with the stakeholders to support student wellbeing, success, retention, and student learning.
  • Contributes to the unit leadership team:
    • Manages budgets and allocates resources in accordance with strategic priorities to meet the unit’s objectives.
    • Manages, sets goals, and evaluates all programs and services in consideration of the VPS service standards: respectful, accurate, and responsive.
      Makes recommendations to improve professional practice, increase student engagement, and foster a culture of support for student-led initiatives.
    • Acts as a designate for the Director, Student Wellbeing Promotion, as required.
    • Directs, guides, and coaches staff to achieve departmental goals and outcomes.
    • Develops, facilitates, and evaluates training programs for staff, volunteers, and students.
    • Considers and supports wellness needs of professional staff and volunteer team.
    • Recruits, hires, evaluates performance and terminates, if required.
  • Participates on and/or provides leadership for University and departmental committees focused on student wellbeing.
  • Provides wellness expertise and collaborates on communications campaigns, messages and content.
  • Prepares reports, publications and other written work as required.
  • Carries out any other related duties as necessary in keeping with the requirements and qualifications of the job.



The Health Promotion Strategist within Student Wellbeing Promotion represents the University and Student Development and Services. Incorrect decisions/judgments could negatively impact student wellbeing and will directly affect the University’s reputation with the professional community, students and faculties. Incorrect decisions would have an impact on the University’s current and future ability to recruit and retain students; the operation of the programs and services; and the reputation of the department, Faculties and the University.



The incumbent works with the Director, Student Wellbeing Promotion, toward the achievement of established strategic goals and objectives. Recommendations are normally accepted as accurate and feasible. Work is reviewed for achievement of University goals, and soundness of advice and judgment.



Provides outstanding leadership to, and management of, a staff group that includes professional staff, graduate and undergraduate student staff, interns, and volunteers.



  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline. Master’s degree in Education or in Public Health (Health Promotion speciality) or an equivalent and relevant course of study preferred. Minimum of six years experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience designing and delivering complex programs including evaluating and measuring program effectiveness required, preferably within the postsecondary context.
  • Proven strategic, big picture thinker with understanding of complexities within the postsecondary context.
  • Experience developing sustainable partnerships.
  • Demonstrated experience in supervising and managing staff, preferably in a higher education environment is an asset. Ability to delegate, lead, motivate, coach and train staff.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and supervisory skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to apply and evaluate literature, research, institutional data, and theoretical frameworks to establish, manage, and transform evidence-based health promotion and educational programs and services.
  • Expertise in health promotion, including an understanding of, and experience with developing, settings based approaches.
  • A demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse communities of students and promote inclusion.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Ability to work effectively in teams and to develop effective working relationships with students, faculty, staff, volunteers and community members.
  • Ability to manage the complexity inherent within a multi-faceted work environment focused on broad outcomes for students.
  • Knowledge of University systems, structures, processes, and decision-making structures is an asset


Application Deadline: September 29th, 2017


BUSINESS TITLE: Health Promotion Strategist
EMPLOYMENT GROUP: Management&Professional (AAPS)
JOB FAMILY: Student Management
JOB CODE: 186107 – Student Management, Level F
DEPARTMENT: Student Wellbeing Promotion

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