Welcome Ida Holland-Letz: Student Intern at the Public Health Association of BC

Welcome to the PHABC Team

Ida Holland-Letz

Student Intern



PHABC’s office coordinator, Christina (left), and student intern, Ida (right)



The Public Health Association of BC is pleased to introduce, Ida Holland-Letz, who will be interning for PHABC until the end of January 2018. Ida is a 3rd year student of public health hailing from Germany; born in Cologne and currently living in Bremen, just outside of Hamburg. Her bachelor’s degree will be supplemented by her internship with PHABC and provide her with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge, a greater understanding of public health, and network with public health and health professionals across the province.


Ida Holland-Letz is incredibly interested in public health, especially in the topics of health prevention and promotion. This interest grew after she completed her high school education and traveled to India as a volunteer English teacher for 11 months. Through this volunteer service and her subsequent work in a refugee centre back home in Germany, she gained extensive experience working with disadvantaged people and navigating intercultural and social interactions with care and compassion. Ida Holland-Letz looking forward to using her growing skill set to help fulfill PHABC’s vision of a healthy and accessible British Columbia for all.


Throughout her internship Ida will be given the opportunity to provide support to PHABC in a myriad of ways and will work closely with the executive director, office coordinator, various project managers, contractors and partner organizations across the province. We hope to impart with Ida a keen understanding of all aspects of public health over the next six months.


If you see her at this year’s conference (November 16th & 17th, 2017 at the Sutton Place Hotel in downtown Vancouver) be sure to introduce yourself and welcome her to Canada!