Summer School 2016 – Overview and Course Schedule

PHABC is proud to share the program for the upcoming 2016 Summer School titled:

Promoting Health and Sustainability: The Case of Climate Change and Energy Use

In the wake of last year’s CPHA report on the ecological determinants of health, the Lancet Commission’s on both Climate Change and Planetary Health and the Paris Summit Agreement on Climate Change, the health implications of climate change are assuming greater importance.

Here in BC those impacts include inundation from rising sea levels, more frequent and stronger storms, droughts and forest fires, urban heat events, and wider distribution of the ticks that cause Lyme disease, among other impacts.

As a result we have debates on pipelines, fracking, LNG and coal exports, on the one hand, and on the other hand the carbon tax, investments in public transit and alternative energy systems and changes in our urban planning, food systems and other responses.

Public health professionals and organisations will increasingly be drawn into both the policy debates and local action and response, whether it be to examine the health impacts of energy systems or the creation of healthier and more sustainable communities.

In this Summer School we will discuss these and other issues and use innovative mapping technology to identify what we can do and who we can work with in our communities to ensure we have a healthier, more just and more sustainable future.

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PHABC Summer School Overview and Course Schedule_July 7

PHABC Summer School Poster- General

Summer School Poster – Public Health community


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