2016 PHABC Summer School – July 11 & 12

“Promoting Health and Sustainability: The case of climate change and energy use”

To bring together individuals involved in the delivery of public health activities to examine the application of the Ottawa Charter as related to climate change issues and the implications for health and health equity actions at the individual, health care system and community level.

Online registration now open atwww.phabc.org

For more information about registration please contact Cecilia Velasco at staff@phabc.org

The Public Health Summer School welcomes participants from a variety of fields and backgrounds who are working directly or indirectly on public health issues and health promoting activities across our province.

  • Frontline health providers
  • Managers & Leaders
  • Municipal Council Members
  • Program & Project Planners
  • Consultants
  • Environment Movement
  • Recreation practitioners
  • Academics & Researchers
  • Policy analysts
  • Community partners
  • Graduate and Medical Students

Multiple locations across BC are linked via UBC Video Technologies

            Main sites:     UBC, UVIC, UBC-O & UNBC

Sub sites:         If you are interested in hosting a site in your location please contact Cecilia Velasco at staff@phabc.org

Why YOU Should Register?
This is a unique opportunity for professionals and students with a shared interest in improving the quality of life for British Columbian’s to:

  1. Learn from each other
  2. Build intersectoral relationships
  3. Develop new skills and knowledge
  4. Apply new skills and knowledge
  5. Improve public health by informing future directions

How do we deliver ALL of this?
Our summer school focuses on skill development based on a foundational understanding of climate change issues and provides a mixture of:

  1. Keynote presentations
  2. Case studies
  3. Team work
  4. Hands-on activities

Benefits of becoming a PHABC Member when registering for the Summer School:

  1. SAVE on registration for the Summer School and Fall Annual Conference
  2. Stay in touch with Public Health activities and Health Promotion initiatives across BC
  3. Network with intersectoral partners concerned about climate change and impact on health of British Columbians.